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_CORUM L’Épargne Sailing

The Brief

In 2018, CORUM L’Épargne became involved in sailing alongside Nicolas Troussel, by becoming the sole owner of his team and his boat. Since 2020, we have been supporting the brand in raising awareness and engaging sports fans through social media content and activations.

Our Answer

One of the key challenges for a brand looking to grow awareness through sponsorship was to illustrate the common ground between the sailing project and its values as a brand. Our content strategy has therefore aimed to illustrate CORUM L’Épargne value of team commitment and expertise in the form of highly entertaining content for the sailing community.

_Brand & Comms Strategic Planning 

_Brand Identity & Creative Content

_Creative Production & Delivery

_CORUM L’Épargne: Le Sens de la Performance

A homage to the craftsmanship and expertise behind the propriety boat and teams at CORUM Sailing.

_Nouveau souffle

In a sports category where live race content is the norm, we collaborated with illustrator Théo Guignard to create a more philosophical content narrating the existential questions and values entering the choice of going out at sea.